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  1. Screenshot of CHDK: Countdown Intervalometer

    CHDK: Countdown Intervalometer

    Useful CHDK add-on that allows for time-lapse photography

    Saved by: Paul on 8 May 2016

  2. Screenshot of Canon Hack Development Kit

    Canon Hack Development Kit

    A temporary (or permanent) set of tools which you can use to enhance what a lower-end Canon camera can do. You put it on the SD card that goes in to the camera, then load it in when you need it.

    Saved by: Paul on 8 May 2016

  3. Screenshot of CHDK: Motion Detect+

    CHDK: Motion Detect+

    Motion detection add-on for the Canon Hack Development Kit - adding motion detection triggered photography to Canon cameras that don't already have it (i.e. pocket or 'bridge' models.) Works fine with my Powershot S2IS model.

    Saved by: Paul on 8 May 2016